The Arrow Metals Arts Co is a division of The Baut Studios and was begun in 2011. Arrow Metal Arts has had a unique path in its origins since the inception of its original start up in 1949. There were a number of different personalities involved in three different companies over the time frame of this company prior to The Baut Studios acquisition. A concise timeline includes the following information of the origins of Arrow Metal Arts Co.

In 1949, an industrious welding craftsman named Stanley “Red” Wojciechowski began erecting steel beams and structures as a construction subcontractor in the greater Wyoming Valley. During the 1920’s and 30’s, he worked the high iron construction during the sky scraper boom in New York City and learned all of the intricacies of iron erection. Red soon found with the post war home boom that ornamental wrought iron railings were coming into fashion as well. He added these items to his product offerings and soon named his establishment Ornamental Railing Co. In addition to the wrought iron railings, he still provided for steel erection and other custom fabrication.

Somewhere in the early 1950’s, John Psolka, a World War II veteran and scout leader and who was experienced in steel and metal fabrication, entered into the business. John was known for his steel erection capabilities, especially in his direction of instructing the operators of heavy crane units. John was extremely gifted in the art of creating chalk line layouts on the plant floor. These layouts would be used for the construction of individual trusses of unusual shape. The first truss would be precisely laid out and constructed on the chalk line. The following necessary trusses would be built on the first truss using it as a template.

John and Stanley had quite a following in the Wyoming Valley and in 1956 met Eugene Baut of The Baut Studios. Gene Baut contracted these gentlemen to manufacture under license highly technical innovative metallic window ventilating systems for churches. These double glazed, center pivoting, self closing mechanisms marketed under the term ‘or-vent’ were named as a practical and precision unit.

Ornamental Railing Co, until 1968 was situated in Plains, PA in a meager assembly facility. In 1969, Gene Baut encouraged the construction of their state of the art facility located at 1067 Main St, Swoyersville, PA. At that time, Ornamental Railing Co provided for the steel fabrication of many substructures of onion shaped Eastern style church cupolas. The new building’s shape included a large extended height front erection bay. Unfortunately, before the construction of this building was completed in 1970, Stanley Wojciechowski unexpectedly passed away. John Psolka, fortunately, had his son Thomas who had been involved since the early 1960’s in all of the manufacturing processes, at his side.

At this time, Ornamental Railings Co still provided many architectural substructures for Baut Studios cupola and canopy features. Unexpectedly, in 1975, Mr. Psolka met his demise. A few years later, his son Thomas sold the business to Mr. Sam Greenberg, owner of Arrow Steel Co.

Arrow Steel Co was founded by Sam’s father somewhere in the 1920’s and had been a feature in the lower part of central Wilkes Barre, PA for many years. Sam is known for his tremendous activism with the war veterans and also religious functions: a true gentleman. Mr. Greenberg proceeded with the manufacture of beautiful railings and other custom steel fabrications. In the meantime, The Baut Studios went to complete aluminum fabrication in their cupola products and no longer required the services of the metal works.

In 2010, Arrow Steel Co and ornamental railing ceased to exist. Now this facility is Arrow Metal Arts. Throughout most of this process, Gene Baut has had his involvement in terms of innovation in metal products, construction of high tensile structures, inventions, patents and other unique phenomena.

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